Home Remodeling

Affordable Craftsmen offers home remodeling, additions, basement finishing, kitchen and bath remodeling primarily in Cobb & Cherokee Counties, however we occasionally will take larger projects in N Fulton, Paulding or Bartow Counties. We are Georgia State licensed & insured Residential General Contractors and Custom Home Builders with our office out of North Cobb, Marietta Ga. In addition to whole house remodeling, we also offer basement finishing, kitchen and bath remodeling.

We have done in excess of 500 whole house remodels for both home owners and real estate investors since 1998. Many of these medium and large remodels involved having our structural engineer size and design beams, so we could remove load baring walls and help our clients create open floor plans and better flow. As a home improvement, removing walls and opening the floor plan typically has the greatest increase in both future value and salability, so no surprise it’s the main dish of home remodeling.

Within Cobb or Cherokee, we provide bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling as many clients don’t need a whole house remodel or addition. Typically these jobs can start in 1-2 weeks since we can fit them in between and around our larger remodels. Because windows and cabinets have historically been the item with longest lead time, we’ll often recommend waiting to start the job until those items are on site. This avoids a 2-4 week kitchen remodel from turning into months.

For larger remodels and additions, we highly recommend professional drawings. They are occasionally needed for permitting, but more so to make sure that what’s being done is what our client expects and is looking for. Typically our architect is more affordable than our customer’s other bids, even drafts people, so for what often only costs 1-2% of the total budget, it’s worth having drawings done to insure that you get the remodeling done right the first time.

If you would like us to bid doing the first 1/2 of your remodel, just demo and framing, or even coaching you to run the remodeling project yourself, we are open to all of that. In addition to additions and remodeling, we are custom home builders. We’ve construction managed, co-built and coached others when their budgets could work for us to build turn key for them or when they have the time and work flexibility to run their own project.

Over the years, we’ve had many real estate investors that came to us asking if we could just get them through drywall, then they would have their own trim, paint, flooring & punch-out crew come finish or “trim out” and “punch out” their project. Not only were we ok with this, but we’ve sent our experts in each trade to train their own people. Heck we’ve trained home owners that are customers how to do trim, install their own clickdown flooring, install cabinets, drywall repairs, paint and more.

So whatever remodeling you need done, our focus is on getting it done with affordable quality. We can usually get out the same week you call to meet on site and then get you an estimate within a few days. Typically we’re going to be 1-2 weeks to start a smaller job, 1-2 months to start a larger job. If someone says they can start right away, you should be very concerned, as if they are very good and affordable, then they should have a relatively full schedule 😉

Also, although we do take 10% down on larger jobs or jobs that involve a bank loan, we don’t take money down on smaller remodeling jobs. We let our customers pay directly to our suppliers, but then we don’t mark up material, saving you money. We bill labor and incidental material reimbursement end of each week based on actual work done, so you’ve never given us more money than the work that’s been done 😉

Giving too much money up front, paying ahead of the work done and hiring people who can start very quickly are the 3 biggest actions that precipitate being taken advantage of by a remodeling contractor, so please be cautious!

If you’re ready to have us look at your project and get you an estimate, a). you can forward any plans, drawings, pictures, lists, etc to gary@affordablecraftsmen.net then b). leave us a voicemail or text 770-591-4464 with your name, address and what kind of addition or remodeling project you’d like us to quote. I’ll respond back to confirm we’ve gotten your email and/or message, then ask what days and time windows would be best for me to come walk your project with you.

Once I have your cell #, I can text to confirm the appointment, confirm I’m on the way 30 minutes before hand and of course up-date or re-schedule if something unexpected should come up. You will also have my cell # then, so not only can you adjust the schedule, up-date and ask questions along the way, but later, when we’re working on your project, you won’t need to contact the office or any customer service person, you can text me directly as the owner if you have any questions or issues at all 🙂

Gary & Renee’ McCormick