Affordable Craftsmen Home Remodeling

Affordable Craftsmen represents the re-branding and re-focusing of an existing team of diverse, experienced construction professionals.

We started in the construction business working with home owners and investors to remodel or repair their homes, but during the real estate and construction boom from 2001-2007, branched out as high-end custom home builders, commercial contractors and residential lot developers. Fortunately, we maintained much of our existing client base from the simpler, earlier days and are re-committed to providing home remodeling, home improvement, repair and handyman services on time, on budget and with excellence.

In this changing market, we’re moving back towards our roots and offering a broader, deeper set of home remodeling and handyman services. We are state licensed and insured to handle the larger and more complicated projects, while adding a number of journeyman level tradesmen with 10+ years experience that can handle your needs at affordable prices. We are always working to push the quality of our finished product higher, while consistently providing a pleasant, professional experience so you’ll call us whenever something is needed around your home or business.

We have yet to have a home owner ask us to provide a remodeling or handyman service that we could not. We offer home inspections to prepare to sell, investigate buying, assist in making a master maintenance list and are available to come behind other contractors to inspect their work prior to your releasing draws or final payments. We always love the opportunity to get involved before the initial concept or design stage so we can help you position your project to get the most value and smoothest experience possible.

On smaller jobs, handyman or punch list work, we often bill based on materials & labor. Hourly insured labor rates run $30-50/hour depending on trade and skill level, with 80%+ of tasks in the $35-40/hour range. Our technicians that provide electrical, heating & air conditioning, plumbing, etc. run $40-60/hour, with 80%+ of tasks in the $40-50/hour range. We offer a fixed labor or “by the job” price whenever possible.

Once we have the list of individual tasks / projects you need handled, we can send out a team with the correct trades and skills represented to handle them all quickly and properly. Occasionally, a customer will contact us asking for a person or two to assist them in completing a DIY project and we are glad to provide help with that. We also have clients who have purchased or would like to purchase their own materials, bring them to the site and contract us to install, and we can assist with that as well. Some of these situations are harder to put a fixed price on, but we do try.

Part of knowing our business well, is being adept at assigning the least expensive technician(s) necessary to accomplish your project well. Because we look at your home and money as if it were our own, we always endeavor to make affordable suggestions and assign the most efficient team.

We are glad to offer a fixed, turn-key contract price whenever possible, but are also open to working at cost plus on larger jobs. We encourage every potential client to do as much drawing, planning and specification as is reasonable for the size and scope of overall construction. Doing so drastically decreases the likelihood of a major mistake, going over budget or past the allotted project time frame.

This additional investment of time and money up-front in dealing with surveyors, architects, engineers and in making selections makes the “fixed price” contract an easier fit. We can provide many of these functions either in-house or with long-term partners at very competitive prices while keeping the process moving along smoothly and quickly.

Sometimes, for various reasons, a customer will request us to start a project without all the decisions made, a large number of open “allowances” in the budget or a certain expectation that they will be making many decisions and/or “change orders” along the way. Often there is a shortage of money or time at the outset that puts pressure on operating this way and as such, makes doing a “fixed price” contract both difficult and to some extent, dangerous to both parties. Generally, the safest contract for all parties in such a situation is the “cost-plus” contract that is based on the material and labor costs marked up to cover the contractors overhead and profit. This way, since many changes are expected, it’s easy to arrive at the dollar amount to be adjusted up and down since they are based on actual hard, documented costs.

Ultimately, we are willing to accommodate you whenever possible as long as doing so won’t keep us from providing the expected quality, the job will still be safe and the project profitable for our team. Each job site, existing circumstances, project specifications and customer expectation presents challenges that are somewhat unique. For us, it’s about accepting the opportunity presented today, to step to the plate and prove ourselves, so that when the job is successfully completed, we will be your “people” going forward.

Thank you again for your time in learning about us and what we offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with unanswered questions or to arrange a free estimate, as we would love the opportunity to earn your business.

Affordable Craftsmen