Room Additions

Atlanta Room Additions

We design, build and remodel all different types of room additions around North Atlanta and Marietta, GA:
Room Additions
Master Suite Additions
Second Story Additions
Attic Additions with Dormers
Bedroom Additions
Bathroom Additions
Entertainment & Family Room Additions
Garage Additions
Sun room Additions
Screen Porch Additions
Some room additions can be as easy as finishing out an existing space by itself or as part of a larger remodel, while other room additions require plans, foundation being laid, framed up and roofed just like building a new structure. Because additions come in so many types, styles and sizes, each addition needs to be treated as it’s own unique remodeling project.
If you already have an architect for your room addition, we’re glad to work with them and the earlier we can get involved in the process the better, as our chief concern is in making sure the addition or remodel being designed can be built on your specific site, on schedule & on budget. We like to be involved in the design phase of room additions as early as possible to ask tough detailed questions earlier than later, while also offering money & time saving tips throughout the process.
If you do not already have an architect for your room addition, there are a number we have worked with around Greater Metro Atlanta and we also have an architect on our team that we believe to be the best value of any Architect in Atlanta, our own highly experienced & esteemed Charles Cameron. Charles is a graduate of GA Tech with over 20 years of experience, even having built a number of homes himself earlier in his career.
We have never had a client who wasn’t totally thrilled with any design we’ve done and typically, our fee is only 1/2 of the typical fee. Part of this savings, is that our in-house project manager & designer works hand-in-hand with our clients to prepare them for the process, offering site related feedback in addition to gathering pictures & site measurements. The design phase is your opportunity to decide if you like working with our team and our opportunity to earn your business and solidify our position as your licensed contractor & project manager for the remainder of your room addition or remodeling project.
To schedule an initial room addition consultation, call our offices at 770-591-4464. Once we know that we’ll be a good fit for what your looking to do, we will put together an initial meeting to include a project manager and Charles Cameron, our architect and designer. At the initial interview / meeting, you’ll then schedule a series of weekly or bi-weekly design meetings to facilitate the design phase of your Design-Build experience.