Home Remodeling Marietta Ga

If you’re considering a North Atlanta home remodeling project within 20-30 miles of Marietta Ga, we applaud you!

Many of the homes within 20 miles of Marietta GA are older, but are built well and could be very attractive. Some that end up owning these older homes won’t have the vision and patience that you do and would rather just tare them down and build new, or sell and go buy another home. Some of us want to recycle, remodeling our home into something better…something more usable and more to our liking.

That is our heart here at Affordable Craftsmen Home Remodeling. We would love to be a part of your Atlanta home remodeling project, to help you preserve what is good from the past & use it as a foundation for building something even better.

Home Remodeling Atlanta or Just Get a New Home?

We know as your family grows, lifestyle changes or you start working more from your home, that remodeling your home is a great way to make those changes without having to move, say goodbye to neighbors, school systems or the community you’ve become a part of. Better to take on an Atlanta home remodeling project, than to have to relocate your life.

Still, the final decision on whether to move forward with your Marietta home remodeling project or build new comes down to time and money. As such, we are glad to review your home remodeling ideas, preferred materials and any initial sketches before moving into the design phase to help you get a handle on how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Let’s Start Your Marietta Home Remodeling Project Right

During this early stage of your Marietta home remodeling process, we encourage you to make a list of specific items you would like to see changed or added to your home, listing them in order of importance. Often, we can find a way to address them all within your budget, but if not, it’s always helpful to know which ones are most and least important, so we can make informed suggestions.  For Marietta home remodeling projects that involve a fair amount of structural change, we can’t stress enough, how important it is to work through these budget & priority issues prior to starting the design work.

If your remodeling project will be permitted, which most are unless very small and no structure is effected, you’ll be needing before and after remodeling drawings for most municipalities (counties or cities). As part of handling your home remodeling project, we are glad to not only get involved in budget discussions early, but also to take care of your design needs through our architect.

Keeping your North Atlanta home remodeling project on track…

That said, we look forward to adding value to your home remodeling project. We’ll help from the beginning to keep it on budget and on schedule while giving you a very high quality project for each of your remodeling dollars.

We primarily work on bathroom, kitchen, basement, additions or full home remodeling projects in Cobb, North Fulton and Cherokee Counties. To set-up an initial home remodeling interview and consultation, please call us at 770.591.4464 and let us know what days & times work best for you.