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Design Build

We believe, that failing to plan is planning to fail…

Some difficulties that come along during the building of a new custom home or remodeling project: weather, sickness, death in the family, parts not shipping on time, wrong parts shipping, etc. can not be controlled, but can be accounted for by adding some “buffer” days into the project schedule. Most of the other items that cause the most difficulty can be avoided by proper design, preparation, planning and making selections on schedule. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

This is the premise behind what many call “design build”, meaning one firm or group of partnering firms provide all the services needed to design and build your project, be it a new custom home, remodeling project or commercial build. This cohesive team, will work together to stay on time, on budget, get the job permitted, keep problems & surprises to a minimum, respond quickly if something does still manage to pop-up and work together with you as the customer in making selections and decisions along the way. We believe the process should start with initial design concept and the drawing of your plans by a licensed architect.

There is plenty of information on our site about the actual building, remodeling and construction…but now, some about our team’s ability to assist you from the very beginning of your project. We start reviewing your list of needs and wants, helping to find existing plans to modify or drawing them custom, drawing up specifications based on the types of finishes you are leaning towards, pricing out your project based on those plans and specifications, “red lining” the plans and specs, finalizing the contract price, pulling permits, building your project, punching it out, getting certificate of occupancy and warrantying the final product.

In the little bit of the process revealed above, you’re probably already starting to realize how involved all of this can get and…well, it’s better if you’re working with a cohesive team with history together. After all, we all want you to have a smooth and fulfilling experience, it’s better for all of us working on your project, so we’re glad to provide as much of a concierge or “turn-key” experience as you’ll allow us to.

Now, what if you’re reading this and you already have and architect and/or plans?…it’s ok, we’ve worked with a number of architects and designers that worked out pretty well and we still would like to bid on your project. We will give you feedback on the actual quality and usability of your plans as part of the estimate. Quality and usability of my plans? Yup, not always, but often, particularly with a discount architect, draftsman or designer, the plans can be lacking in certain areas, sometimes almost unusable, so better to check and be sure before you cut the tape and get started in earnest.

The architect plans and specifications may just not be clear enough for us or our sub-contractors to work from, sometimes they aren’t to the scale written on the plans and sometimes, they aren’t going to pass muster with the permitting people at the city / county? Once in a while, there are structural issues as loads don’t line up or the structure just flat out can’t be built the way they’ve drawn it…after all, they aren’t engineers or builders. That’s why having having the whole team work on them together, design build style is so powerful.

In our case, our partner designer and architect is Charles Cameron. He has 20+ years as a professional architect, went to school at Georgia Tech and has worked for 150+ developers and builders in his day. Charles is a very versatile architect, designing everything from small remodels to the highest-end custom homes, remodels and commercial work in the Greater Atlanta Area. He also built quite a number of homes during his earlier years and is very engineering knowledgeable, always speaking up to bring one of ours into the picture if needed.

Charles’ architect work is excellent. If you will come meet with him and one of our project managers, we guarantee you’ll be extremely impressed. In fact, we’ve never not gotten the contract with anyone that has made the time to come and interview our team.

Here’s the bonus…we’re very reasonably priced. The perennial favorite design build firms in Atlanta get as much as 15% of the total contract price for the designer & architect work…yeah, makes me wince every time I see it in an estimate or hear about it. The median range depending on size of new custom home or remodel is closer to $5,000-15,000 just depending on time and complexity. We typically cost 50% of that at the smaller end and about 35% of that at the larger end. Small remodels and additions are often in the $1,000-2,000 range for architect drawings.

You can pay less, but you’ll never get a licensed, experienced architect and designer like our Charles Cameron, and you’re likely to get someone that doesn’t even realize what they don’t know…I’ve experienced this option a handful of times with customers and would prefer to never repeat the agony of holding their hand through and saving the day. This path often ends up costing about 5-20 times the money that was saved on the up-front architect and designer costs. Penny wise and pound foolish is the old saying that comes to mind. Please, we want to earn your business and help you in every way to finish on time and on budget with a great finished product…but please spare us all from this horrid experience :-)


I was much more than pleased with the finished product and would recommend Gary and his team to others at any time. I endorse him each time someone visits me in my newly remodeled office. Using 'the best' is definitely the only way to go when dealing with a contracting job that could change as much as several times a day - and each time for the better!

Larry Nemechek
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