We Would Love to Work with Your Customers too

If you are a real estate agent, mortgage loan officer, larger general contractor, smaller sub-contractor, handyman or home inspector that also works primarily within 25 miles of East Cobb County, we’d love to talk with you about working together and/or partnering.

Real Estate Agents, we currently work with agents doing quick, full service home inspections for $300, and in today’s market, encourage all our agent partners to require their home sellers to agree to pay for a home inspection prior to firming up the listing agreement. We have heard too many stories from our agents about losing deals with serious buyers over repair issues or pricing issues that should have been addressed prior to listing based on the home inspection in hand. We also provide line item pricing to match the home inspection so you and your clients will have real world pricing to help in the decision making process.

A number of the real estate teams and real estate investors we work with now, have adopted this system, including addressing all items and having a clean home inspection and good appraisal on the counter in there homes the day they are listed. Not surprisingly, in this buyer’s market with so many options, these homes consistently go under contract in the first month, often first week since none of the initial interest is wasted and there are few homes out there that offer such clean and clearly well staged deals.

Mortgage Professionals, particularly our friends in the business that write reverse mortgages, we realize that there is a need for your client’s homes to be in good general repair, well maintained and in a higher level of loanable condition in order to pass underwriting. We communicate well with our partners, management being available by cell, text & email from blackberry or smart phone in the field. We are familiar with the formats and requirements of your underwriters, as there are only three primary buyers for your closed loans and would love the opportunity to assist both you and your clients in making the process of bringing the property up to par as smooth and pleasant as possible.
Larger General Contractors, we would be interested in handling the jobs that are too small for you or fall into a handyman category. We expect to share some profit since you have brought the client to the table and we will commit to handling the project and customer carefully. Our hope, would be to assist you in keeping your client happy, helping you make some profit, while alleviating you of a job that may otherwise distract you and your team from handling your larger jobs or primary sources of business.

Smaller Sub-contractors, we would be interested in handling the jobs that are a bit to large, complicated or require licensing and/or insurance that you don’t carry. We expect to share some profit since you have brought the client to the table and we will commit to handling the project and customer carefully. Within the larger project picture, whatever sub-contract trade(s) you provide, that work would surely remain yours. Our intent, would be to help meet you client’s needs, reflect well on you for steering them towards a complete solution and helping you make some additional return for your time spent working with your customer and making the hand-off.

If you are a sub-contractor, tradesman for hire, handyman or home inspector with at least 10 years of overall construction experience and at least 5 years in your primary trade, please contact us with your information so we can get in touch to open discussion as we have additional work in your trade to get done. We are primarily looking for professionals, who push for excellence, but can do so quickly and proficiently so we can stay profitable and in business, while remaining affordable to our customers.

If anyone reading this section feels like you have something we can work or partner together on that will be mutually beneficial to both of us and our customers, please don’t hesitate to contact an owner or member of management to initiate a discussion.

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